June 2011 Newsletter

Never has there been a better time to learn how to do more with less.

As we try to shape our daily lives, we entrust our nation’s leaders to right the global economy back on a track toward stability and positive growth.

In the meantime, legislators continue to trim budgets in order to gain ground on deficits.

We feel that impact on the job and at the home.

In the workplace, we strive to be mindful of excess all while keeping security our top priority. Safety remains Nos. 1, 2 and 3 on our list of duties. We also can practice avoiding waste by taking regular inventory of products we use and figuring out where these products are used the most. We all follow a quantitative approach to economics using inventory.

There are excellent qualitative methods of conservation, too. First, figure out ways to strengthen lines of communication to all members of your division. Communication leads to camaraderie, which leads to a closer group in a family-like atmosphere.

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